Thursday, July 28, 2011


When we came for house hunting Lee Carson (head of the US field office) told us that around 3 months in the job we should answer if we wished to extend our one year contract. Ed and I have been answering the question people always ask of how long we are here.... with “We are contracted for one year with possibility of extending”. We have been praying for God to show us His will in this matter. We want to be where God wants us to be… nowhere else. 

Ed came home from his job at Rolls Royce yesterday said that Lee had phoned him and asked him to come to a design meeting. Nothing unusual about that, it is what Ed does. After the meeting Lee and Ed talked. Lee said that Rolls Royce has decided to extend the position that was made for Ed. This was to be contingent that Ed Greenslit fill the position. And we need to tell them today- the next morning. This not at 3 months but before Ed has worked there for 2 months.

Well God does nothing that is half a job. Not only did we get huge confirmation that we are to stay in England but I am so very proud of how Ed is seen by Rolls Royce. They must see him as working well with the UK engineers as well as proficient in what he does. He would tell you that he “has pulled the wool over their eyes” but I know that he is modest about his capabilities. 

Right now I do not know how long we will be here in England, but I do know that God has a plan for us here. I know that this is no longer a 1 year assignment (as I have felt that it wouldn’t be). So today I am missing my children and my good friends. That is OK. I love them and it is OK to miss them. The feeling of missing them and the idea of being lonely are natural. God has told me that I am not alone, just lonely. He is here with me; he has not brought me here to keep me alone. He has a plan that He wants for me to know. But for today I can rest knowing that He is here with me, we are together here in the center of His plan. I know that I am safe here. I know also that my family and friends are not going to be worse off because we are here. I know that My God is big enough to take care of us all even with a big ocean between us.