Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Ed and I are making our preparations to head to the U.K. for house hunting. We are excited to see the home that God has prepared for us. I am encourage knowing that we will be joining a group of US engineers and their families that are already in Derby, UK.  We hope to perhaps meet some of them this weekend.
Still in the US- we continue to sort all our things. They will either stay in the house, to leave the house to any of many destinations, or to go with us in our luggage, by air, or by sea. Sometimes this task seems so very big to me, but always, always, God or friends remind me that no task that God has for me is too much. I am grateful for friends who help me to keep my focus on God. 
After we find our accommodations and know what is included in our home we will make the final sorting. The packers are set to arrive and do the job of getting things in boxes and on the way to Derby. All they need is an address to ship to!
Our NY home and belongings are to be watched over by Jillian, Dann and Kevin. They plan to move in after our departure. They have taken on the job of keeping things up, and repairing things in “This Old House”. Since spring has finally arrived in upstate NY the grass has started to grow this will no doubt fall to them soon. The garden has a bumper crop of rhubarb that Kevin and Dann will enjoy as they finish the lawn! The blooms on the cherry tree are beautiful right now, and the azaleas are just showing buds. I do love spring!  Ed and I hope that Jillian, Dann and Kevin enjoy the many parts of “nature” here in the Ferry. 
We are grateful for all your well wishes and prayers on our behalf. God is truly blessing us with this opportunity. And YES we are VERY EXCITED!

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  1. Marsha & Ed, I am so pleased that you are moving along fabulously. It seems that you both have accepted this challenge and adventure well. From the pictures, things seem much like a regular suburban neighborhood. May you make many friends as you walk with Him across the pond- Brian