Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Good Friend

   A Good Friend is there in easy times and in adversity.

They bring a smile to my thoughts because I trust their advice and thoughts of wisdom. When I stumble on the same lesson of God, again and again, they hold me up. When I push away to be alone and isolated they both give me space and hold me very near. They do not flaunt my shortcomings as their prizes, but cover them up with prayer, knowing that they too have fallen short. Even when thousands of miles separate us they stick close in thoughts and prayers. When troubles come, and they do, good friends do not shy away. They are there without regard to my hair and makeup or time of day. I am blessed.

(Photo taken is part of a painting in Chatsworth Hall by Louis Laguerre, of friends bringing one to Jesus. Taken by Ed 4 June,2011)

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