Thursday, June 16, 2011

14 June, 2011
We are in our house! The washer and dryer are running and I am typing on Word because we do not have internet and won’t until the end of June. But we are in the house! 

Yesterday, Monday we got the keys around 4:30 in the afternoon.  We then did a detailed walk through of the house with our relocation agent, Beverley. She is a doll! After dinner we loaded the car and brought one load over in the evening. We slept in the temporary housing that we have called home for 2+ weeks overnight and loaded the car up this morning. We are praising the Lord that we were done with temporary housing for now. We arrived at the house around 8:30 this morning and we put away all the things we brought with us, leaving the clothes in the suitcases, awaiting dressers.  

At 9:00 the men from the furniture rental place were here. They brought in our new sofa and arm chair with coffee table and end table. They set up the new dining room set and the two bedrooms. As they were finishing up the phone call came saying that the men with the air shipment of our goods were on their way.  They dropped off our things and were on their way.

Ed and I opened all 5 boxes and then we went to lunch. We talked over our game plan and came back to the house. Having been separated from our things for about a month we were not sure what had come in the air shipment. So we emptied all the boxes and got a got most of the dishes away. Ed got the computer out of the box. We realize that we could have used some coaching on what would have been good to send in the air shipment. But things are what they are and we needed to have towels for after the morning shower. So out to the home store and then ASDA (Wall-mart, UK style) we went.   Then when we got home and again we unpacked the next round. I got the new towels in the washer and then got dinner going. 

Did you know that the dryer here has a water reclaimer? There is a reservoir that fills with water as the dryer runs, you empty it just like you do the lint trap, after each load. I am still learning the new appliances.

The dishes are done and the dryer is running and I am at last with my feet up on the new sofa. It was hard work. But we are so very thankful to be here. Go has been very faithful.

Ed and Marsha Greenslit
2 Brambling Crescent
Mickelover, Derby DE3 0UT

Home phone (when dialing from the USA)   001- 01332- 523 329. Our phone should be installed with the internet on June 30th.

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